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As the Infrastructure is growing rapidly these days, government agencies, bitumen contractors and producers are challenging to build  roads with the latest technologies to perform better than before, to be efficient and cost-effective with the worker safety and comfort assurance. Traditional strips did not address these challenges; while next generation anti-stripping additives are comming in to the market in order to fully address these new requirements.    

All over the world, pavement or new road maintenance works are carried out. Reliability and life duration are most important for the paving industry. Bitumen additives are widely applied in order to improve the performance of the bitumen in severe situations. Bitumen additives are primarily added to mixtures in order to provide improved resistance to distress, improve constructability, increase traffic loading and decrease the total lifecycle cost of the pavement. Generally, there are three technologies applied in mixing the binders and aggregate which include hot mix, warm mix and cold mix technologies. Polymer based additives are becoming important factors in the paving and construction industry owing to their various proven factors such as fatigue damage, better resistance to rutting, thermal cracking in asphalt pavements and stripping etc.

The global Bitumen Additives market can be diveresed on the basis of product type, application and technology. 

Based on the product type, the world bitumen additives market can be divided into Emulsifiers Polymeric Modifiers Anti-strip and Adhesion Promoters Others

Based on the application, the global bitumen additives market can be separated into Road Construction Paving Roofing Others

world Bitumen Additives Market: Dynamics

Growing demand for the road construction in the developing economies is one of the key factor driving the demand for bitumen additives. Concrete and bitumen are the materials that are mostly utilized in the road construction activities around the globe. Roads made from the bitumen have various advantages which include lower installation costs, durability and fast setting times etc. Owing to the loss of bonding between the aggregate and the bitumen binders, bitumen roads may suffer from stripping loss. This leads to unravelling and deterioration of the bitumen roads. In order to prevent the occurrence of road stripping, various additives are utilized in the bitumen binder.

For the purpose of improving bitumen pavements qualities, the manufacturing companies incorporated polymers into the bitumen as a way to mitigate the causes for bitumen pavement failures such as deformation at high temperatures and cracking at low temperatures. So, utilizing polymer based additives is one of the key trends identified in the global bitumen additives market over the forecast period

 Regional view:

On the basis of region, globally, the bitumen additives market is expected to be dominated by Asia Pacific region. posseses the rising investments in the road construction supported by the growing population and the increasing road traffic in the developing countries such as China and India. North America and Europe are anticipated to show average growth in the market over the next decade, as there are no significant road construction projects expected to come in the U.S, Germany, U.K. and France. Middle East & Africa and Latin America are expected to show higher growth in the bitumen additives market over the next decade

Bitumen manufacturers  additives are found to be involved in the new product development and enhancement in order to help the paving industry to reduce emissions, energy usage while meeting the road specifications needed. The research report presents a comprehensive assessment of the market and contains thoughtful insights, facts, historical data, and statistically supported and industry-validated market data. It also contains projections using a suitable set of assumptions and methodologies. The research report provides analysis and information according to market segments such as geographies, application, and industry.

The report covers exhaust analysis on: Market Segments Market Dynamics Market Size Supply & Demand Current Trends/Issues/Challenges Competition & Companies involved Technology Value Chain

Regional analysis includes: North America (U.S., Canada) Latin America (Mexico. Brazil) Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, U.K, Spain) Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia) Asia Pacific (China, India, ASEAN, Australia & New Zealand) Japan Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries, S. Africa, Northern Africa)

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