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Emerging bitumen testing device that can predict multiple test data including penetration, softening point, dynamic viscosity, from a small sample.

This newly designed device immediately sends outputs to a cloud-based platform where a series of algorithms convert this data to rheological binder properties and return the results to the smart device.

Dave Foster, business manager for Shell Bitumen UK and Ireland, said: ‘We are massive advocates and supporters of the use of recycled product. Asphalt is probably the most recyclable product in the world, with the exception of water probably.

'We are doing an awful lot of work and developing products such as our “DES system”, which is an App-based prediction methodology that can take a very small sample of bitumen and then predicts the parameters and qualities of that bitumen.

This device is linked to an App that helps us predict the qualities of a bitumen very rapidly. We are testing it in seven centers around the world, one of which is in the UK. It’s new tech for us but it’s up and running. The key driver for us is very much the speed with which it can determine the qualities you are looking for.


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