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Plasto-Elastic Iran Polymer is a single component, hot-applied plasto-elastic polymer modified bituminous Concrete Paving Joint, crack, and expansion joint sealant, specially formulated to be used into horizontal expansion joints and cracks. The sealant is supplied in solid form and can be applied using sealing melter applicators.

Uses of Iran Polymer Modified Bitumen

  • Concrete operon and Airport band
  • Concrete paving highways, runways, and taxiways
  • Concrete Roads
  • Multistory parking decks
  • Expansion joint in bridges and other concrete structures

Advantages of Iran Polymer Modified Bitumen

Due to high polymer content, Plasto-Elastic Iran Polymer is viscous enough at application temperature to fill the cracks satisfactorily, and also is liquid enough to penetrate into all tiny holes of cracks and protecting them from penetrating water.

Application of Iran Polymer Modified Bitumen

  • Minimum Crack depth: 10 mm
  • Width/Depth ratio: 1/1.5

Surface preparation

All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from all loose adhering particles.


Heat up to 170 ±5 ºC in a controlled oil bath or oil jacket melting-vessel with agitator until a smooth, even and pour able consistency is achieved.


Apply by melter-pourer or for detailed work use a metal-lipped bucket. Sealing may be done at the environment temperature of 4ºC and higher.


Clean all tools and equipment immediately after use with Kerosene or other appropriate solvents

Safety Instructions

Safety precautions

Wear goggles and gloves during application. In case of contact with eyes immediately wash them with plenty of water and start first aids.

General Specification of Iran Polymer Modified Bitumen

Color                                                                                                 Black
Bitumen type                                                                                  Polymer-modified bitumen
Density                                                                                             1.1 -1.2 kg/l
Softening Point                                                                               ~ +90 ºC
Penetration                                                                                      ~ 32 dmm
Cone Penetration                                                                            ~ 23 dmm
Maximum heating temperature                                                  190 ºC
Mixture temperature                                                                     170 ± 5 ºC
Temperature in the nuzzle                                                           160 to 165 ºC
Packaging                                                                                        16 kg pac

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