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New procurement rules for US roads

According to the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA), there should be a deployment in new technologies to help save lives, minimize congestion and improve the performance of the nation’s highways, which is mainly caused by bitumen quality.

A federal regulation that prohibits state and local governments from using patented or proprietary products on highway and bridge projects and can receive federal funding. The rule was adopted in 1916 by the US Department of Agriculture, which then managed the emerging federal-aid highway program.

 In its decision, FHWA characterized the rule as a “obstacle to innovation in highway technology” and noted that its repeal “best provides State DOTs [Departments of Transportation] greater flexibility to use innovative technologies in highway transportation.”

The FHWA action will free up states to use federal highway funds on a host of patented or proprietary road and bridge technologies that can help deliver a safer and more efficient roadway system for motorists and businesses. These include reflective road lane dividers that deter tired motorists from drifting into oncoming traffic, traffic signs that minimize injury by collapsing at the slightest impact and road barriers on wheels that provide physical but movable walls between traffic and construction workers.  

Mr. Bauer said that This is only the first step in an important process, and this exploration must be continued to explore how best to integrate new technologies into the transportation marketplace and ensure that new, beneficial ideas are not prevented from reaching the driving public.

ARTBA was assisted in the petition action by the Washington, DC, law firm, Venable, LLP.  The team was led by former US Secretary of Transportation James Burnley.

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