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Eurobitume Deutschland is a member of FGSV, the German Road and Transportation Research Association, and took part in their recent biennial Asphalt Pavement Conference, held in Münster/Westphalia.

410 participants from academia, the public and private sectors in seven European countries attended this year´s event, which included 13 presentations covering different asphalt topics: from testing and characterisation of bituminous binders, via recycling and HSE, to digitalisation and developments in FGSV’s technical regulations.   As well as following the expert presentations, attendees actively joined in discussions and were able to take in valuable information from the supporting exhibition.

About FGSV - FGSV is a German non-profit organisation with a technical/scientific focus, founded in 1924. The main objective of the FGSV is to advance technical knowledge in all areas of road and transportation. It brings together professionals from academia and the public and private sectors. Over 2,500 of them are involved in the work of the FGSV's numerous expert bodies. Eurobitume Deutschland is a member of FGSV and together with its members inputs the expert knowledge of the bitumen industry into FGSV.

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